My Special Days
for Business Owners

Become Customer Centric!
If you are a business looking to get closer to current customers… and reach new ones, then My Special Days is your program of choice!

Surprise gifts on your special days

Connect with your customers on over 70 special days such as holidays, graduation, anniversaries, birthdays and many other days throughout the year!  My Special Days completely automates, personalizes and customizes the entire process.  Send surprise promotions and offers on special occasions — connecting with customers in memorable ways on memorable days!​

Program Highlights


Customize messages and offers & change anytime and no profit sharing or requirements.

Reach New Customers

New customers sign up for your business that come from other participating businesses.

Increase Touch Points

More buying moments with a unique landing page for your customers to sign up for the program.

No Email Lists to Build

This unique system does all the work so there is never a need to set up any emails

Customer Tracking

Customer names and email addresses are available to participating businesses for tracking.

Analytics & Reporting

Complete analytics and reporting are available 24/7 on customers, special day sign ups, email open and click through rates.

Here’s how it works:

The system does all the work and all you have to do is promote the program!
  • Unique landing page for your business which allows customers to sign up for their special days for FREE the entire year
  • Customize messages and promotions in minutes using our easy admin system
  • Your business is added to the directory
  • Your customers receive personalized message and promotion via email on and in advance of their special days

My Special Days is always
FREE for your customers!

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